Welcome to KOLBUS

Welcome to our special area of the wide world of engineering!

KOLBUS operates around the world and we engage actively with the world around us. We ourselves are at home in Rahden, in north-west Germany, where the company has been based since 1775. From these deep roots in a largely rural area, we have grown into the world market leader in book bindery machines and systems. We also look beyond the horizon of business success. We believe that every person in the world can learn to read. And we work towards this vision by applying our specialist skills and accumulated know-how:

  • Living know-how, firmly rooted in a strong tradition
  • A very high level of specialization
  • Genuine closeness to customers – wherever you are in the world
  • An international service network

All of us here at KOLBUS believe fervently in a world inspired by this vision.

A history of accountability

At KOLBUS we are skilled at generating a synthesis from apparent opposites. For example, we're a forward-looking company with a strong record of innovation; at the same time we have deep roots in 115 years' experience with bookbinding machinery. KOLBUS has been a family-owned company for 240 years. This balance between continuity and innovation is fundamental to our success.
Today's shareholders and employees are well aware of their responsibility towards past and future generations. This is the reason why training and career opportunities for each and every employee are all-important. We know that we have to work together to achieve our goals, taking what is good from our past and building a sustainable future on it. We want a future with secure workplaces in an environment that not only allows, but also promotes, economic and social growth. This is our vision of entrepreneurial success.