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We're looking for suppliers who are willing to commit to a long-term partnership – for maximum planning security. We also want partners who will walk with us in terms of the agility and flexible delivery schedules that our markets demand.

Do you recognise your company here? If you can also offer cost-competitive pricing, then it sounds as if we could do business. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your contact devided in material procurement

Leitung Einkauf | Purchasing manager
Petra Wüppenhorst
Phone: +49 5771 71-223
Fax: +49 5771 71-333
Federn nach DIN + Zeichnung | Springs according to DIN + drawing; Wälzlager, Lineartechnik | rolling bearings, linear technology; Schilder | Plates; Bürsten | Brushes; Gießereibedarf | Foundry demand; Befestigungstechnik | Fastening technology; Zentralschmierung | Central lubrication; Hydraulik | Hydraulic system; Hilfs- und Betriebsstoffe | Operating materials Antriebstechnik | Drive technology; Heiztechnik | Heating technology; Automatisierungstechnik | Automation; Getriebe, Kupplung, Bremsen | Gear, coupling, brakes; Sensorik | Sensors; Elektroinstallationsmaterial | Electrical installation material; PC- und Netzwerktechnik | Computer and network technology; Gelenkwellen | Cardan shafts;
Einkauf | Purchase
Daniel Buschmann
Phone: +49 5771 71-135
Fax: +49 5771 71-333
Auswärtsbearbeitung | External processing; Verzahnungstechnik | Gearing technology; Pneumatik | Pneumatics; Schneidtechnik | Cutting technology; Kunststofftechnik | Plastics technology
Einkauf | Purchase
Christoph Bünte
Phone: +49 5771 71- 229
Fax: +49 5771 71-333
Halbzeuge Stahl, NE Metalle | semi-finished product steel, non-ferrous metals; Brenn- und Wasserstrahlzuschnitte | flame-cut parts and blanks & water jet cuts; Werkzeug | tools; Keilriemen, Zahnriemen | V-belt, toothed belt; Ketten, Fördertechnik | Chains, materials handling