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Finishing of mechanical components

Mechanical components are finished in the KOLBUS machine shop, which operates in close coordination with the foundry. Here too our technological and human resources are available on a contract basis to outside customers. Again the personal interaction between master craftsmen plays a key role in achieving outstanding efficiency and quality. We successfully combine the hands-on approach of a typical artisanal company with highly automated, computer-controlled processes.

With a very high degree of vertical integration, ultra-modern processing cells, an extensive network of trusted suppliers and highly transparent order tracking, we can guarantee short order lead times and on-time delivery for our customers.

Machining - KOLBUS

Our greatest strength:

from the smallest turned part to the large machine housing sections, we are experts in cost-competitive machining of small to medium batches of castings, steel and aluminium.
To find out how you can profit from the agility and quality of our component machining services simply contact us.

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