Highly transparent and cost-effective processes

Mechanical components are cast in our in-house foundry. An advanced production tracking system precisely coordinates the progress of every component, resulting in highly transparent and cost-effective processes.

Around 60 employees produce roughly 250 metric tonnes of cast parts per month. Well over two thirds are contract products destined for outside customers. Around one third are components for KOLBUS machines and systems. An in-house foundry is indispensable in our quest for customer-oriented flexibility, uncompromisingly punctual order completion and highest quality even for small production volumes.


Simulation of the casting process

Other benefits include our ability to run a simulation of the casting process as a design aid for our customers. Then again, we have in-depth expertise which our customers can rely on no matter how complex their projects and products. Like most things at KOLBUS, our foundry has a long history – and our strategy of continuous improvement makes sure it stays fit for the future.