Book production

Industrial-scale book production – from printed ›paper‹ to dispatch-ready books

Book printing has been enormously enriched and its scope broadened by digital printing. At KOLBUS, we don't handle ›Digital Print‹ as a separate business area. On the contrary, the very wide portfolio of KOLBUS book binding machines offers solutions to match the entire range of industrial-scale book production. KOLBUS delivers single-vendor solutions integrating all the required processing steps and product variants in versatile book finishing systems optimally engineered for specific customers.



Hardcover KOLBUS
Hardcover, Round corner KOLBUS
Hardcover KOLBUS
Hardcover Softcover photo book KOLBUS
Hardcover production KOLBUS

KOLBUS. Inline book production up to 30 cycles/min

1 Nipping press FN 700 
2 Book back-gluing and back-lining machine RF 700
3 Three knife trimmer HD 143.P 
4 Round corner trimmer RE 143
5 Ribbon inserting machine LE 660 
6 Book production line BF 513 with HB preheating section
7 Turning stacker DS 382

Hardcover production KOLBUS

KOLBUS. Inline book production up to 70 cycles/min

High-performance system, very wide format range, fast makeready, mature control system for the whole line:

1 Destacker TS.A
Nipping and smashing press FM 700
Book back-lining and gluing machine RF 700
Nipping press FN 720
Three knife trimmer HD 143.P
Ribbon inserting machine LE 660
Book production BF 530 with HB preheating section
Turning stacker DS 392
 Casemaker DA 270 with integrated cloth corner cutter