Custom metal processing – benefits for your company

KOLBUS Machining Shop offers a range of added-value services

  • CNC milling/drilling
  • CNC turning
  • CNC grinding
  • Sheet metal processing

We can provide any type of surface treatment through long-term relationships we have built up with partners across the region.

We will process any volumes from one to a medium volume production run. The highly trained employees working in the KOLBUS Machining Shop are committed to guaranteeing highly reproducible processes and cost competitive processing for your projects.

Your benefits

  • Fast quotes and order processing
  • Resolve your order bottlenecks without investing in extra capacity
  • Order bottlenecks can be handled without having to expand your own capacity
  • Get assembly-ready components (from intermediates to finished components) or custom processing
  • Direct access to over 1,000 semi-finished products
  • Processing of blanket orders
  • Call on KOLBUS capacity and resources as and when you need them
  • Lower manufacturing costs through optimized processing
  • We also offer non-company manufacturing processes
  • Even remote manufacturing processes can be carried out
  • Avoid tying up capital and incurring fixed costs with production machinery

Your contacts

Sven Döding
Sale Commission production
Tel. +49 5771 71-243
Email an Sven Döding

Herbert Kühn
Work preparation
Dipl.-Ing. Maschinenbau
Tel. +49 5771 71-462
Mail to Herbert Kühn

KOLBUS Machining Shop
Work preparation
Tel. +49 5771 71-822 

Decades of experience in metal processing – drilling, milling, turning and edge grinding – make KOLBUS a strong and reliable partner.

Benefit from our know-how and have your castings produced in our foundry and then processed in our Machining Shop. This way you reduce the number of interfaces and order lead times in your procurement process.

Put the benefits of contract manufacturing to work for your business – outsource component manufacturing. At KOLBUS the most advanced tooling machines and processing technologies are at your service.


Makino horizontal machining centre flexible KOLBUS
Makino horizontal machining centre
Unisign vertical machining centre KOLBUS
Unisign vertical machining centre
Trumpf laser centre KOLBUS
Trumpf laser centre
INDEX C200 turning and drilling machine KOLBUS
INDEX C200 turning and drilling machine
Boehringer long milling machining centre KOLBUS
Boehringer long milling machining centre
DMC 1150V turning machining centre KOLBUS
DMC 1150V turning machining centre