Luxury Packaging

Luxury packaging – mechanised production for consistent industrial quality

Based on almost 90 years of experience manufacturing casemakers for the book industry, KOLBUS offers a range of machine modules which can be linked inline to produce a wide variety of rigid boxes from paperboard and paper. IThese production lines for luxury packaging are engineered for versatility and impressive quality with fast, toolless format changes. With this flexibility, the ability to deliver consistent, industrial quality and to respond to the exigencies of digital printing, KOLBUS is creating new options for packaging manufacturers and their end customers in the consumer goods industries.

Production can be adapted easily to market developments and manufacturers need no longer commit to large minimum order volumes for imported packaging. This in turn will open new markets for small artisan suppliers.

Luxury Packaging quality KOLBUS
Luxury Packaging quality KOLBUS

Easy for the manufacturer. High value for the customer - the KOLBUS system.

Luxury Packaging Line KOLBUS

Straightforward for manufacturers. Outstanding quality for customers. The KOLBUS system.

New horizons for packaging producers and brand merchandising. The KOLBUS modular box production system adjusts perfectly to your need for flexibility and speed:

KOLBUS inline packaging production – 40 products a minute

1 Grooving machine NM 101
2 Corner puncher SW.E 500
3 Box making machine SW.H 500
4 Magnet inserter SW.M 400
5 Lining machine SA 260
6 Box case processing line SW.G 500
7 Placing module SW.B 500