SW.B 400

Box placing module SW.B 400

Automated placing of finished inside boxes, up to 40 products/min

Box placing module SW.B 400, 40 cycles/min


  • Precise placing with sideward grippers
  • Pressing station with punch
  • Industrial production instead of manual work
  • Station for upright glued sides and press to box side



The placing module positions the boxes on the glued box cases exactly. After that, the jointed components are delivered via a conveyer belt with a length of 1,000 mm. It is possible to use the placing modules SW.B/SW.BS or SW.W alternatively. The placing modules are exchangeable without tools.



Technical data

Technical data

Box sizes (width x height x length)

min. 62 x 10 x 130 mm

max. 310 x 210 x 400 mm

Board thickness

min. 1 mm

max. 4 mm

Your contacts

Your contacts

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Henning Meier
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