SA 260

Inside lining machine SA 260

For fully automatic inside lining of book cases, files, display cards, calendar backs or game boards  up to 45 cycles/min.

Inside lining machine SA 260


  • Ergonomically perfect arrangement of the feeding and removal stations
  • Separate drives, extremely low downtimes, remarkably less waste material, convenient handling
  • Practice proven combination of automatic and manual adjustments
  • Double-cylinder system of the gluing station enables a thin and uniform glue application
  • Movable gluing station for processing cold glue and hot-glue


Using as a single unit

  • Board magazine for manual loading
  • Counter stacker delivery with following roller conveyor

Coupling with DA 260

  • Board prestacking conveyor for automatic magazine reloading
  • Counter stacker delivery with following roller conveyor

Using as a unit within box case processing line

  • Single case infeed
  • Turning device for single products
  • Single case delivery
Fully automatic inside lining of 5-piece cases
DA 260/Turning device for coupling with SA 260

Technical data

Technical data

Size range

min. 205 x 140 mm

max. 670 x 390 mm


Width 190 – 670 mm

Height 130 – 390 mm


Thickness 1 – 4 mm

Mechanical speed

up to 45 cycles/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

Your contacts

Your contacts

Sales Director
Henning Meier
Phone: +49 5771 71-427
Fax: +49 5771 71-333