Publishing and Commercial Printing

For medium to big print runs of promotional brochures and other commercial products

By linking machine modules inline to deliver application-specific solutions, KOLBUS can offer perfect binder lines configured for a huge range of production situations. All process steps – gathering, inserting sheets or supplements, blocking, gluing in cards or samples, three-knife trimming and punching rounded corners for brochures and book blocks – are carried out at the required cycle speed. The entire process is reliable, efficient and practical. 

Operators monitor processes and set machine parameters via user-friendly, standardised touchscreens. 

Broschure, booklet KOLBUS
Broschure, booklet KOLBUS
Softcover, Comic, KOLBUS
Publishing printing KOLBUS
KOLBUS perfect binding line

KOLBUS perfect binding line 5,000 up to 8,000 cycles/h

Combining the KM 610.A with a ZU 805 (drum system) gathering machine and an HD 143.P three-knife trimmer, all supported by the KOLBUS Copilot®, system creates a solution for highly automated, cost-effective production of perfect-bound brochures, book blocks and periodicals.

1 Gathering machine  ZU 805 (12 stations)
2 Perfect binder KM 610
3 Intermediate delivery TS.Z
4 Three knife trimmer HD 143.P
5 Compensating stacker KL 501

KOLBUS perfect binding line

KOLBUS Perfect binding line 7,000 up to 9,000 products/h

The compact KOLBUS KM 610 perfect binder serie offers an automated and extremely cost-competitive solution for the production of book blocks, magazines ans perfect bound brochures.

1 Gathering machine ZU 805 (12 stations) 
2 Perfect binder KM 610 with endsheet feeder
   and cover feeder with flap turn-in device
3 Intermediate delivery TS.Z
4 Front cutting unit FA 650
5 Splitting saw TR 162
6 Three knife trimmer HD 153.P
7 Compensation stacker  KL 501

Other combinations up to 9,000 products per hour
ZU 822.C | KM 610.C | HD 153.M

Softcover Perfect Binding Line KOLBUS

High-performance solution for production of book blocks, paperback or any commercial perfect-bound items up to 18,000 products/h

Complete solution with a fully automated, high-performance perfect binder line coupled with performance-matched upstream and downstream modules – from gathering to palletising – for processing printed output from sheet, web and gravure printing presses.

1 Bundle feeder STA with crane runway 
  (Optional bundle depalletiser XCA 100)
2 Gathering machine ZU 842
3 Perfect binder KM 412
4 Three knife trimmer HD 153.P
5 Compensating stacker KL 501
6 Palletiser PL 771