Packaging Production

Flexible packaging production system for luxury packaging

Our background is impressive: in-depth engineering know-how has generated a new method for producing luxury packaging using paper and cardboard. KOLBUS offers a range of machine solutions and a fully automated production line for high-quality luxury packaging.

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Simplicity for the manufacturer. Sophistication for the customer – the KOLBUS system.

New options for producers of packaging and branded goods. The modular system means flexibility and rapid response to changing market situations:

KOLBUS Inline-packaging production 40 products/min

1 Grooving machine NM 101
2 Corner puncher SW.E 500
Boxline SW.H 500
4 Magnet inserter SW.M 400
5 Lining machine SA 260
6 Box precessing line SW.G 500
7 Box placing module SW.B 500

video KOLBUS BOXline