Digital opens the door for new business models

From personalised print products and customised small series for the insurance and financial services industries to multilingual handbooks for the automotive industry, from Book-on-Demand production for webshop operators or scientific publications, including document management, to book blocks, paperback and hardcover products – in all these areas, KOLBUS has the answers. KOLBUS innovations to enable format changes on the fly – with no break in production – play a key role in delivering maximum speed and efficiency.

Hardcover KOLBUS
Softcover KOLBUS
Fotobuch KOLBUS
Fotobuch KOLBUS

KOLBUS Bookjet – Perfect binder KM 200 up to 5,000 cycles/h (production is subject to variable products sizes)

Bookjet KOLBUS

Bookjet® digital printing + postpress finishing line for brochures and book blocks for books with product feed via star feeder or manual feed – processing of digitally printed sheets, loose stacks of pages or preglued book blocks

1 Sequential perfect binder KM 200
2 Three-knife trimmer HD 143.D
3 Compensating stacker KL 501

Bookjet KOLBUS

Book on demand – short runs

The high-performance SF 842 sequential feeder can be linked inline with the KM 200 perfect binder or integrated with the ZU 832 gathering machine and linked with a KM 610 perfect binder. Digitally printed signatures are processed sequentially in parallel and collected in a magazine to form a complete book block. The machine also processes folded sections from web-fed digital printing

1 Sequential separating with the SF 842 sequential feeder
2 Sequential perfect binder KM 200
3 Three-knife trimmer HD 143.D
4 Compensating stacker KL 501

Complete solutions for web-fed and finishing

Digital print finishing KOLBUS

Web-fed digital printing demands customised finishing concepts to match the high speeds and large production volumes. KOLBUS offers automated finishing lines capable of matching these speeds and volumes to maximise industrial potential. These lines are capable of producing anything from thousands of books per hour to just one book per order.

1 Web folder WF 100 Optional delivery via Signature Stacker LS 100
2 Sequential feeder SF 842
3 Perfect binder KM 200 Bookjet
4 Double three-knife trimmer HD-HD 143 Bookjet with 3D adjustment (block thickness, block height, block width)
5 Compensating stacker KL 501
6 Book production BF 513 Bookjet at 30 cycles/min
7 Turning stacker DS 382
8 Casemaker DA 270 for variable centre strip widths

or book production BF 530 Bookjet Edition at up to 70 cycles/min