BOX LINE Wrapper, box gluing with new wrapping technology

Model changeover without changing the forming tools. For automatic laminating of boxes, up to 40 cycles/min.


  • Clear and simple computerised operation including integrated robot
  • Non-stop wrapping of all four box sides; processing for each side can be optimised seperatly
  • Continuous transport, alternate sides wrapped sequentially, tolerance compensation
  • Precise automated edge turning for deep and shallow trun-ins
  • Fast, cost-effective format changes simply by swapping the forming plates
  • Higher quality
  • Lower resource consumption

Technical data

Technical data

Size range box

Length box L:    min. 56 mm / max. 570 mm
Width box W:    min. 56 mm / max. 360 mm
Height box H:    min. 15 mm / max. 170 mm
Thickness board:    min. 1 mm / max. 3 mm
The interior dimensions of the box depend on the cardboard thickness

Size range cloth

Length cloth A:    min. 120 mm / max. 815 mm
Width cloth B:     min. 120 mm / max.605 mm
Wrap dimension R: min. 15 mm / max. 85 mm
Side wrap dimension K: min. 15 mm/max. 85 mm

Mechanical speed

up to 40 cycles/min
for box height > 135 mm:max.: 25 cycles/min
Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.


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