DA 370

Casemaker DA 370

Automatic production of book covers, photo book covers, folders, posters, calendar back covers or games up to 65 cycles/min.


The casemaker DA 370 can be integrated into the digital workflow or provide full performance as a stand-alone machine.

Optimised digital operation for

  • Integrated cardboard cutting device
  • Automated format cutting to board width
  • Automated format cutting to centre-strip width
  • Scanning benefits
  • Integrated cloth corner cutting

Features digital operation

  • Adjustable cardboard circular shears for side trimming and centre-strip
  • Reduces board sizes
  • Simplified handling
  • Quality improvement through constant side cuts (no deformation of centre-strip)
  • Automated integrated corner trimming
  • Format adjustment during running production
  • Digital workflow through improved interfaces and HMI
  •  Flexible adjustment from digital workflow
  • Waste management as an integrated part of the machine

Technical data

Technical data

Case – size range opened case
Width min. 205 mm | max. 670 mm
Height min. 140 mm | max. 390 mm

Width min. 223 mm | max. 708 mm
Height min. 130mm | max. 428 mm

Thickness 1 – 4 mm
Width 95 – 328 mm
Height 140 – 390 mm

Blank cardboard with PS for digital operation
Width 160 – 680 mm
Height 140 – 390 mm

Formats for sections see sketch

Further formats on request

Mechanical speed
up to 65 cycles/min
Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

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Your contact

Henning Meier

Sales Director

Rahden, Germany
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