Boxmaker AutoBox AB 300

AutoBox AB 300

For fully automated and flexible production of individual and standardized FEFCO folder boxes, telescope boxes, trays, slide boxes, interior fittings such as inserts and partitions etc. made of corrugated board.


Basic machine AB 300

The basic AutoBox can produce 50 different box styles. 

➝ PDF download FEFCO Styles AB300

Modular options – AutoBox AB 300 with Flexo-Print + Multi-Cut

The AutoBox and Mulit-Cut module can be set in seconds to produce over 100 different box styles, in sizes from a small box to large wraps/folders. By adding the Multi-Cut module to the line, the number of box styles increases to over 100. Your system can now produce boxes from stock board, remove glue tabs, make extra creases, cut out windows and die cut Hand Holes or cross cuts.

With Multi-out option for increased productivity.

The Flexo-Print module:

  • High quality Flexo Printer
  • Servo controlled for excellent accuracy and image quality
  • Two machines can produce two colour print

➝ PDF download FEFCO Styles AB300 + MC300

AutoBox for box plant

AutoBox is an automatic production system for economical and resource-saving on-demand corrugated packaging production.


  • Customised carton production
  • Quick set-up for folding cartons, repackaging and shipping packaging.
  • Produces over 100 FEFCO box styles


  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Fast changeovers thanks to tool-free set-up
  • Ideal for short runs and special sizes
  • Modular machine concept: choose your customised configuration
  • Optional: 1- or 2-colour inkjet and/or flexo printing system

Technical data

Sheet width: 100 mm – 2,600 mm

Blank length: 330 mm – 8,000 mm

Blank material: Corrugated cardboard single, double and triple flutes

Material thickness: min. 2 mm / max. 10 mm

Slotting length: min. 200 mm / max. 700 mm

Slotting distance: 80 mm

Slot width: 7 mm


HD equipment (heavy duty)
For processing thick corrugated board up to 12 mm

Device for producing two corrugated board blanks arranged side by side in one pass

Table-Feed TF 300
Feeder for feeding stacks of corrugated board

Auto-Feed AF 300
Feeder for automatic separation and feeding of corrugated cardboard from a pallet

  • Blank length: min. 685 mm / max. 6,000 mm
  • Sheet width: min. 450 mm / max. 2,600 mm

Flexo-Print FP 300
Servo controlled Flexo-print unit in inline operation for single-color printing on corrugated board with excellent print quality

  • Blank length: 800 mm
  • Repeat distance of print: 300 mm
  • Print area: 990 mm x 1,120 mm

Digi-Lite DL 300
Single colour inline printing unit suitable for marking and coding applications

  • Print head: 70 mm
  • Print resolution: 180 dpi

Digital-Printer DP 300
Integrated single colour print unit with fully automatic cleaning and positioning of the print head

  • Print width: min. 1 pixel / max. 280 mm
  • Print length: min. 1 pixel    
  • Spacing between the prints: 0 mm    
  • Possible print speed of the print heads: max. 118,53 m/min

Nozzle Gluer NG 300
Standard equipment

  • Cold glue
  • Glue flap crush

Multi-Cut MC 300
Cutting unit for additional line cutting, cross cutting, die cutting and creasing.
Blank length: min. 800 mm

Auto-Stack AS 300
For fully automatic stacking of the corrugated board blanks

  • Blank length: min. 685 mm / max. 6.000 mm
  • Sheet width: min. 450 mm / max. 2.600 mm

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