KOLBUS Conveyor Systems

KOLBUS has specialist know-how in the development and production of conveyor systems. The program designed as a modular system offers customised, comprehensive and intelligent solutions for various requirements. KOLBUS Conveyor Systems are not only intended for transport but also for cooling, drying, intermediate storage, distribution and delivery of products.

Areas of application

  • Graphic industry
  • Mail order business
  • Internal material flow
  • Distribution

Videoclip - KOLBUS Conveyor systems

The right KOLBUS transporting element for each transporting application

The modular system (selection)

Conveyor Systems - modular system - transport - KOLBUS
Conveyor Systems - modular system - transport - KOLBUS

Conveyor belt TS.L

for linear transport of products lying flat

Telescopic belt TS.T with variable length

for bridging of variable distances between two or more machines

Reversible belt TS.LR 

for product exit

Vacuum belt TS.SB

for linear transport of products lying flat with vacuum support

Module transport system TS.MB

for the transport of flat or upright products

– Infeed module, curve module, intermediate module and delivery module   can be used in any combination

Belt curve XBK 641

for transporting flat lying products through 45°, 90° and 180°

Conveyor belt TS.LS

for shingle formation

KOLBUS Conveyor Systems


  • Production of large batches
  • Modular construction
  • Flexible application possibilities
  • Customer specific project engineering in 3D
  • Different belt material in stock
  • Short delivery times