Three-knife Trimmer HD 143.D

Bookjet® system: Three Knife Trimmer HD 143.D

With performance of up to 4,200 cuts/h or 2,700 single products/h, the HD 143.D is the ideal downstream machine for a KOLBUS Bookjet® perfect binder KM 200. It can also be used as a standalone machine.

Three Knife Trimmer HD 143.D


On the HD 143.D dynamic adjusting axes for the top roller, pressing block and output gripper are responsible for continuous adjustment, without specific make-ready processes, to changing product thicknesses in order to achieve precise three-sided trimming of book blocks and softcover products.


The HD 143.D three-knife trimmer can process products with thickness variations of ±6 mm per cycle. A laser sensor captures thickness differences while a camera is responsible for barcode recognition and product monitoring. The pressing block in the trimmer tool adjusts to the thickness of the product being trimmed. Cutting sequence: 1st cut front blade, 2nd cut side blades. The trimmed products are picked up gently by a gripper and deposited on a conveyor belt.

Infeed conveyor with thickness measurement and barcode recognition
Infeed and cutting of single products
Products are lifted and delivered by grippers

Technical data

Technical data

Size range ( width x height x thickness)


min. 100 x 100 x 2 mm | max. 305 x 420 x 80 mm


Right-hand infeed: max. 320 x 450 x 80 mm


Right-hand or left-hand infeed with intermittent roll for integrated counting and stacking max. 4,200 single products/h

Net production is subject to variable product sizes, materials, etc.