KL 501

Compensating Stacker KL 501

For using as a compensating stacker following a three knife trimmer, for stacking of book blocks, brochures and magazines up to 18,000 cycles/h.

Compensating Stacker KL 501


  • KOLBUS Copilot® system
  • Lift with exchange plates for 5 different sizes, for a cycled lifting and lowering of the turntable pick-up which minimizes the drop height of the products to be stacked
  • Servo drive for the pusher
  • Servo turntable for 0° or 180° turn
  • Electrical format adjustments for the turntable pick-up (book height and book width) to adjust in running production
  • Electrical preparation for line control when being integrated in a KOLBUS production line


Speed synchronisation for coupling with an upstream machine, e.g. three knife trimmer

Stacking area
Copilot® system with touchscreen

Technical data

Technical data

Size range (width x height x thickness)

max. 320 x 420 x 80 mm

min. 100 x 125 x 2 mm

Size range for 90° turn before ejection

max. 320 x 320 x 80 mm

min. 125 x 125 x 2 mm

Operating capacity

max. 30 stacks/min

Subject to equipment, product, stacking patterns and product alignment after delivery

Mechanical speed

up to 18,000 cycles/h (infeed)

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.