DS 392

Compensating Stacker DS 392

For turning and stacking books at up to 75 cycles/min.

Turning stacker DS 392, 75 cycles/min


The DS 392 is a universal stacker, which can also be used for emergency output between a book forming press and a jacketing or packing machine and in similar configurations.


With a turning mechanism for 90° and 180° rotation and throughfeed and stacking functions at 900 mm or 1,050 mm, the DS 392 is a versatile machine.

KOLBUS Copilot® system with touchscreen
Turning device for 90° turn to the left or right and 180° turn
Stacking without stop
Lifting up the stack to 900 mm or 1,500 mm delivery height

Technical data

Technical data

Size range - incl. case (width x height x thickness)

max. 315 x 400 x 90 mm

min. 70 x 100 x 4 mm

Stack height (DS 392.A)

max. 325 mm

depending on the stack ability of the products

Input capacity

max. 70 books/min

Stack quantity (DS 392.A)

max. 35 stacks/min

Mech. speed

max. 75 cycles/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.