Splitting Saw TR 162

Splitting Saw TR 162

For sawing perfect bound or sewn book blocks for two-up production of books and softcover products at speeds of 1,700 – 15,000 blocks/h

Splitting Saw TR 162 two-up production KOLBUS
Splitting Saw TR 162


Optimal conditions for increasing production capacity with the TR 162 splitting saw as a reliable unit in high-quality two-up book production. After perfect binding, the book block or softcover product is split into two separate blocks ready for the next step, which is three-knife trimming.


For use, in production lines or as a standalone machine, upstream of a three-knife trimmer. Plate chain and conveyor belt for non-damaging transport and precise orientation for precision sawing.

Infeed Splitting Saw TR 162 KOLBUS
Optinal magazin with vaccum plate Splitting Saw TR 162 KOLBUS
Optinal magazin with vaccum plate
Turning conveyor/conveyor Splitting Saw TR 162 KOLBUS
Turning conveyor/conveyor

Technical data

Technical data

Size range (width x height)

Untrimmed two-up block size

max. 330 x 530 mm

min. 80 x 200 mm

Block thickness

5 - 80 mm

Mechanical speed

Two-up product 1,700 - 15,000 blocks/h

single product 3,400 - 30,000 blocks/h

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.