RE 143

Round corner trimmer RE 143

For rounding two corners of book blocks and brochures, used as an individual machine or as a unit within book production lines.

Round corner trimmer RE 143


  • Automatic set-up
  • Device for automatic registration in the cutting station
  • Feeding: Right-hand infeed with intermittent roll for integrated counting and stacking or straight infeed
  • KOLBUS Copilot® system


  • up to 7,500 single products/h
  • Active Line Module for energetic recovery of operating power in the line network
Swivelling touchscreen as main operation unit
Infeed and automatic product alignment
Product alignment and pressing block in cutting station
Products are lifted and delivered by grippers

Technical data

Technical data

Size range (width x height x thickness)

min. 100 x 100 x 2 mm

max. 305 x 420 x 80 mm

Mech. speed and feeding

up to 4,200 single products/h or stacks/h

net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.