Web Folder WF 100

Bookjet® system: Web Folder WF 100

The WF 100 web folder for the KOLBUS Bookjet® system is the optimal solution for folding digital print products produced on an industrial scale.

Bookjet® system: Web Folder WF 100

Many technical features make the KOLBUS web folder an outstanding solution for digital print products. It’s capable of handling an unsurpassed range of paper grades, even very lightweight papers. Folding is in the grain direction of the paper, ready for any type of binding.


  • Web folder for an ultra-wide range of book formats with variable cross cutting for folded signatures ‘open on three sides’ and folded with the grain of the paper
  • Folded signatures open on three sides are suitable for any type of binding, including thread stitching
  • Capable of processing an extremely wide paper spectrum including thin papers
  • Flexible choice of the number of pages per signature with preselectable collect modes
  • Compatible with and can be linked up to any existing web-fed digital print systems


  • Alternate sheets turned over for excellent lie flat (no curl) and to ensure that facing pages match in optical density 
  • High production speeds and output across the entire format range

videoclip WF 100

Technical data

Technical data

Web width  400 – 1,350 mm

block height (gross)  190 – 320 mm

block height (net)  178 – 308 mm

block width (gross) 108 – 254 mm

block width (net) 100 – 248 mm

Paper weights  28 – 130 g/m²

Output  Up to 60,000 folded signatures per hour