SF 842

Bookjet® system: Sequential Feeder SF 842

For sequential separation of digitally printed and folded sections at a rate of 3,000 – to 6,000 stacks/h.

Sequential Feeder SF 842


The newly developed, high-performance SF 842 sequential feeder can be linked inline with a digital press and folding machine. System performance can be increased still further by using 2 or more feeders in parallel. Individual modules can be automatically fed offline using an STA 842.SF bundle feeder.


The digitally printed signatures are processed sequentially in parallel and collected in a magazine to form a complete book block. The system uses thickness measurement and start/stop recognition via print marks and/or barcodes. Automatic systems capture block thickness and correct the settings (by adding the absolute values) transmitted for subsequent processing in the Bookjet® perfect binder KM 200.

Recommended combination with KOLBUS perfect binders

With Bookjet® perfect binder KM 200

With perfect binder KM 600.A 

Intelligent gathering system capable of sorting a wide product range automatically and precisely
Barcode reading at the gathered section pile

Technical data

Technical data

Size range (width x height)

min. 105 x 150 mm

max. 220 x 330 mm

Section thickness

max. 3 mm

Mechanical speed

max. 6,000 section piles/h

Net production is subject to variable product sizes, materials, machine equipment etc.