DA 270 Bookjet

Bookjet® system: Casemaker DA 270

For fully automatic production of cases and digitally printed book covers with varying spine widths, especially for hardcover photobooks, at rates of up to 65 cycles/min.

Bookjet® System: Casemaker DA 270 with centre-strip cutter


The DA 270 casemaker is a versatile machine for a wide range of applications. The machine with its non-stop case feeder is engineered to be ergonomic and extremely operator-friendly, so that it can be easily operated by one person.


Cutter for board centre strips capable of automatically changing cutting widths from cycle to cycle. This allows the machine to produce, for example, hardcover photobooks where centre strip width is likely to vary from product to product. Width adjustment is completely automatic during running production with no change of material.

DA 270 centre-strip cutter capable of varying centre-strips width – ideal for photo book production

Technical data

Technical data

Case (width x height)

size range opened case

min. 205 x 140 mm

max. 670 x 390 mm


Thickness 1 - 4 mm

Mechanical speed

up to 65 cycles/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

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