SU 652

Jacketing Machine SU 652

To automatically put jackets onto books at 75 cycles/min, the machine can be either integrated with a BF 530 book production line or operate offline.

Jacketing Machine SU 652


The KOLBUS SU 652 jacketing machine automatically slips a crease-free, perfectly fitting jacket around each book cover as the book moves through the machine. Units are available for processing "belly bands", softcover books and rigid covers with prescored flaps (full-flap covers).


The machine's transparent safety covers give operators a clear view of production processes. With the new indexing feed unit and an indexing feeder, the SU 652 separates the incoming stream of books at a speed to match the machine's speed. The KOLBUS Copilot® system stands for very stable and reliable processes, easy operation and fast make-ready.

Jacket feeder – separation and infeed
Separation of the products by the automatic cycle device
Scoring station with scoring tools moving along in parallel
Gentle opening of the book to separate the cover boards from book block and end sheet
Device for closing the cover boards during transport

Technical data

Technical data

Booksize (width x height x thickness)

Books with square spine

max. 320 x 400 x 75 mm

min. 90 x 105 x 8 mm

Books with rounded spine

max. 320 x 400 x 90 mm

min. 90 x 105 x 8 mm

Block thickness

min. 6 mm

Jacket size

max. 920 mm x 400 mm

min. 300 x 105 mm

Mechanical speed

max. 75 cycles/min (infinitely variable)

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.