BF 513

Book Production Line BF 513

For large production runs and fast throughput times for conventional printing processes, or single products or small series with changing formats from digital printing presses.

Book Production Line BF 513

The superior product quality achieved by these industrial book finishing lines is directly related to high-precision drive technology integrated in this fast, accurate, high-performance machine generation. The outstanding performance characteristics are assured by multifunctional and fully automated adjustment during running production:

  • sequential setting (based on infeed thickness measurement)
  • 3D setting for book block thickness, spine length and book block width


  • New machine design for more functionality
  • Interface design for Copilot® system
  • Sequential and 3D format setting
  • 3 or 5 stations
  • Book block and case are code matched via Datamatrix codes
Measuring table and rounding unit
Casing-in unit

Technical data

Technical data

Size range book block (width x height x thickness)

max. 280 x 375 x 80 mm

max. 305 x 375 x 30 mm

min. 100 x 100 x 2 mm

Size range finished book

max. 285 x 385 x 90 mm

max. 315 x 385 x 30 mm

min. 105 x 105 x 6 mm