FM 700

Nipping and smashing press FM 700

For the nipping of thread sewn bock blocks with subsequent smashing. The RF 700 is used in book production lines.

Nipping and smashing press FM 700, up to 70 cycles/min


  • Compact machine concept for minimum space requirement
  • Linear, 3-stage conveyor with a joint press with pre-press jaws
  • Split, 2-stage surface press
  • No block thickness fluctuations in the subsequent process


  • Accurate insertion of the book blocks into the star feeder
  • Pure mechanical pressure during pressing
  • Gentle and safe transport of the book blocks
  • Copilot system with touchscreen
  • Short set-up times with automatic format adjustment
Book block infeed from belt into star feeder
Easy going book block transport over the whole section

Technical data

Technical data

Size range - untrimmed and unpressed (width x height x thickness)

max. 320 x 510 x 100 mm

min. 100 x 120 x 3 mm

Size pressed - thickness

max. 80 mm

Mech. Speed

max. 70 cycles/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials, etc.