Smart design solutions for precious luxury packaging

Packaging example

KOLBUS decided a few years ago to expand its product portfolio by providing solutions for >technologies for the packaging production<. Today can be announced that it has been a successful step. By now, numerous machinery have been developed which are already running at customers worldwide. KOLBUS packaging machinery guarantee high standards of quality as well as production variability of the luxury packaging.

But that’s not all. In addition, KOLBUS realizes a lot of proposals relating to the design and form of the packaging which can be produced with the new packaging machinery. Sina Scholz, product designer of KOLBUS, develops together with partners and customers of the graphic industry completely new ideas, solutions and packaging samples. Thus, an industrial producible luxury packaging product results from a fully developed unique specimen in consideration of the possible KOLBUS machine parameters.

The diversity of the ideas are practical boundless – the design and form of the packaging include different box sizes, blanket and folded-together solutions up to precious lock technologies for an optimal opening characteristic. Regardless if costly wine bottles, high-quality electronic items, luxury cosmetics or precious book volumes. The luxury packaging made by KOLBUS leave nothing to be desired. By now, numerous ideas were already successfully implemented. The downloadable picture gallery (PDF format) shows a selection of design solutions and serve as suggestion for your idea. Be inspired.

KOLBUS provides an own homepage for the area of the luxury packaging. There you can find numerous and detailed information all around the issue >luxury packaging<. We are looking forward to your visit.