Lecture Publications Ltd. invested in high-tech finishing for Bangladesh

With the new KM 610 including Assist app OEE for production analysis and live survey, one of the most modern perfect binding lines for Bangladesh was ordered by Lecture Publications Ltd. (LPL) at KOLBUS drupa.

Since 2006, the publisher Engineer MD Mehedi Hasan has continuously been investing in the professional printing business. He recognized early on his first visit at drupa 2004 the potential of the European printing and paper industry standards for Bangladesh. At drupa 2016, the young entrepreneur from Dhaka has now (up to 8,000 cycles/hour) signed with KOLBUS for the first processing line, a perfect binder KM 610. In LPL quality, productivity and state-of-the-art technology have highest priority. In 2006 already the Bangladeshi entrepreneur and publisher had started to build a first professional printing company - initially with classic sheetfed and from 2008 to the first web offset production in Bangladesh. With the introduction of industrial production and the efficient presses the book production increased significantly in Bangladesh and LPL by their industrial production, convinced the government to implement the national education program, for example, to provide free books for students. Bangladesh has about 20 million students. With the laborious production and print finishing in small and widely scattered manufactories the goal of the educational expansion would not have been reached. A key consideration is to comply with the European quality standard in the production. LPL consistently invested in the expansion of Bangladeshian media landscape through own developments and the expansion of Internet platforms and applications (APPs) for consumers and users, for example, book contents are viewed for free via internet. The aim is to contribute, together and with government support, to the expansion and development of the country and to increase education and prosperity. Bangladesh has a population of 160 million people, represents the second largest textile producer in the world, 98% of the population speak uniformly the official language Bengali.

Engineer MD Mehedi Hasan Vice Chairman of Omicon Group joined his family’s business in 2006, and in a short time, he not only transformed the business for the family but completely changed the industry and established Omicon Group as contemporary and diversified business conglomerate in Bangladesh. The journey has been as exciting as could be imagined, with much resilient groundwork and a vision to set the gold standard in the industry. Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Omicon Group, Lecture Publications started its humble journey in 1988 in Bangla Bazaar as a traditionally setup book shop. Today it is the largest publications company in Bangladesh with about 65% market share!