KOLBUS Bookjet® -system at Hunkeler innovation days 2017

It's time again for the >Hunkeler Innovation Days<. The twelfth event of the famous branch meeting will be held from the 20. - 23. February in Luzern, Switzerland.

The main topic of the event will be presented by the slogan >Production and finishing processes for digitally manufactured printed products<. Therefore, KOLBUS cannot be missing as one of the world market leader for bookbindery machines. This time, KOLBUS provides beside an extensive technically consultation also the demonstration of the new three-knife-trimmer line HD-HD 143 from the KOLBUS Bookjet® series. The completely new designed machine was developed especially for digital manufactured printed products and is characterized by a new technology with dynamic adjustable axes and two separate cutting cells. With this method to produce, customers can manufacture their individual products one after the other, fully automated and without any changeovers. When the products will be feed into the machine, a special camera scans a printed barcode on the bock block (hardcover) or on the cover (softcover). After scanning, the machine receives the relevant product information. In the next step the axes of the HD-HD 143 will adjust automatically in accordance with the respective format data. The front cut will be done in the first cutting cell and the side cuts in the following. Thereby, the front cut is made by a defined product positioning and a fixed front cutting knife. The second cutting cell includes adjustable knives for the side cut which adjust automatically during the front cut process to manufacture the respective product without any delays. By the barcode identification at the infeed conveyor, the new three-knife-trimmer line is able to meet the individual customer aspirations and requirements optimally regarding the digital finishing.

At the >Hunkeler Innovation Days< KOLBUS shows the fully automated manufacturing process of the HD-HD 143 with three different softcover products. The products consist of different sizes and thicknesses and will be trimmed one after the other. Let yourself be inspired by the digital print finishing. For further information regarding the complete KOLBUS Bookjet® production process, our expert team is available on-site. We are looking forward to your visit.

In order to attend at the event for free, please register online. Use this link.



You would like to see the complete digital KOLBUS Bookjet® production line? We would be happy to welcome you at our headquarters in Rahden, Germany. In our demonstration center, the >Blue Salon<, the machines will be available to show the complete production. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.