Roularta Media Group, Belgium invests in KOLBUS perfect binder KM 412

William Metsu and Peter Leroy use their visit at drupa Printopolis to sign the contract for the first KOLBUS perfect binding line of the Roularta Media Group in Belgium. This joyful occasion was celebrated yesterday by a glass of champagne with KOLBUS Kai Büntemeyer CEO, Bernd Gosewehr COO and Michel Raty and Nicolaas De Schryver (Libertec). With the new perfect binding line type KM 412 for 15,000 cycles per hour inline production with the print-roll system one of the most effective and state of the art post print production in Belgium will be at Roularta. Roularta Media Group (RMG) is a Belgian leading player in the publication and printing of news and niche magazines, newspapers and freesheets, in the audiovisual media landscape (Television) and in electronic publishing. In this way Roularta is constantly investigating new opportunities – titles, marketing initiatives and new media – to strengthen its leadership in Belgium. In joint venture with the French group Bayard, Roularta is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany with senior citizen magazines and in Germany with a wide range of magazines for parents and children, home & garden. Roularta publishes city magazines in Belgium and France, Slovenia and Serbia. All the Group's strong brands are continuing to grow through line extensions, events and add-on products. A policy of vertical integration (content, advertising acquisition, production) and a multimedia approach increase flexibility and strengthen Roularta's anticyclical character. RMG continues to innovate in the field of technical developments in the rapidly evolving media world.