Tailor-made boxes from the get-go

Antonius Gramann (left) with KOLBUS Sales Manager Andreas Huelsmann demonstrates on-demand boxmaking

Gramann Digitaldruck GmbH is located in Vechta, Lower Saxony, not far from Bremen. The company produces a wide range of large-format advertising and POS materials, including posters, banners, tarpaulins, signs, display stands, roll-ups, displays and much more. Production fully digitized right from the first run. At Gramann they work with a variety of different materials, for example, twin-wall sheet, cardboard, paperboard, films and foils. On the factory floor, Gramann is perfectly equipped for lean and efficient production on-demand, shipping, however, has always been fairly traditional. The company often needs special packaging for small runs and even for individual products. Standard boxes tend to be far too large or the wrong format. Furthermore, they do not adequately protect multi-part products such as displays and roll-ups, which Gramann also assembles in-house, from damage and slipping. Another difficulty is that major manufacturers of packaging boxes tend to set high minimum purchase quantities and have long delivery times. All this has meant that the only way Gramann could live up to its promise of responding fast and flexibly to its own customers was by stockpiling the required boxes, although storage is unproductive and space-consuming.

The solution: KOLBUS AutoBox
Faced with increasing demand for small batch sizes on the one hand and the need for more and more different shipping boxes on the other, Gramann decided to invest in a KOLBUS Autobox system. The deciding factor in this investment decision was the fact that the Autobox system is capable of processing simple corrugated cardboard sheet into a range of boxes with different formats. The KOLBUS Autobox is an innovative, modular machine concept for the production of blanks for corrugated cardboard boxes. This lets Gramann produce specifically designed packaging for any of its products at short notice. This means purpose-made packaging in any quantity at any time.

With the Autobox up and running, Gramann is very flexible and can deliver everything at short notice – from individual products optimally packaged to larger production runs. In response to booming online demand, the company also plans to offer box packaging itself as a product. In the near future, customers will be able to go to the Gramann website and freely configure and order printed shipping boxes for their own products. This webshop feature is currently being implemented. The Autobox, as a super all-rounder, will do all the rest with customers benefitting from the fact that the system will set practically no limits when it comes to packaging design.

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