LUXE PACK, Monaco 2017

This year the LUXE PACK Monaco, the international specialist show for creative luxury packaging, was celebrating a special anniversary. A festive show programme in the Grimaldi Forum theatre celebrated the 30-year anniversary. For the 4th time, KOLBUS exhibited at the LUXE PACK Monaco; this time with an 18 sqm stand. From the edition ›August & Christine Marie – Luxury Packaging by KOLBUS‹ the Packaging Team showed industrially manufactured luxury packaging made of black card, glue and fine papers backed up by case studies. The team talked to prospective customers about design solutions, quality features and special aspects of the manufacturing processes.
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With around 90 leads generated during the show, KOLBUS has added substantially to its level of recognition as a supplier of systems and solutions for the production of luxury packaging. Most of the visitors to our stand came from France and Italy, but there were also visitors from Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Ireland, UK, South Korea, Japan and India.

Trailblazing conferences take place during the LUXE PACK and this year one of the major topics of discussion was  sustainability. A Green Packaging Award went to a young company from Finland for the most innovative, ecological packaging development. The new ›Eco-Packaging‹ product has similar properties to plastic, but it is made entirely of biologically degradable materials, i.e. wood and natural bonding agents. The material can be injection moulded or extruded.

Summing up LUXE PACK 2017
Simplification, authenticity and absolute perfection are just some of the concepts that featured in the discussion about what exactly defines sustainability and how it can be applied to luxury packaging. Luxury products are unique and many enjoy very high recognition worldwide. For the manufacturer and for the designer this is both a challenge to live up to and a unique selling point. Key considerations for marketing and packaging luxury products are individuality, personalization and a package that is fun to open and unpack.

By showcasing innovative, high quality packaging solutions made from card, paper and cardboard KOLBUS aims to drive development in this field. The company is working to initiate conversations and discussions with market development specialists, product designers and manufacturers.

Next date: <link http: _blank external-link-new-window internal link in current>LUXE PACK, Los Angeles February 7 + 8, 2018
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