Integralis Bookbindery & Fullfilment orders Boxmaker AB 300

AutoBox Ab 300 r. Andreas Hülsmann, Frank Volland and Roland Poehl at PackConcept in Luebbecke

In detail, the order Integralis placed with KOLBUS involves an AutoBox AB 300 boxmaker with Multi-Cut and the new option for inline gluing. The cooperation between the two companies dates back to 2004. "KOLBUS machines have always accompanied the growth of our company and have always had a decisive influence," reports Roland Poehl. His partner Frank Volland gives a brief overview of the long-standing partnership between Integralis and KOLBUS: "It started with a KM 473 perfect binder in 2004, followed by the first DA 260 casemaker machine three years later. Between 2007 and 2018, several small and large book lines and further new perfect binders were added, in 2015 a grooving machine for packaging and, most recently in the last six months, a DB 800 cardboard bending station and a PK 170 rotary board cutter."

The increasing demand for fullfillment, i.e. order picking and shipping, recently caused Integralis procurement problems for corrugated board packaging. Long delivery times of four to six weeks were not uncommon. With the new KOLBUS AutoBox, this problem should soon be a thing of the past. "In addition, we expect the new machine to provide greater flexibility for the production of different types and sizes of packaging, as well as advantages for online trade, in which we see an opportunity for a further business segment," explains Roland Poehl. Andreas Hülsmann is also highly satisfied at the end of a successful day at PackConcept: "We are very proud that we were once again able to inspire Integralis with enthusiasm for KOLBUS and that we can continue to support the company on its successful path."

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