Growth spurt with luxury packaging

vl. Árpád Keskeny CEO, Keskeny and Partners Printing Co., Budapest, Ungarn Henning Meier, Sales Director KOLBUS

Keskeny was founded in Budapest in 1990 and renamed Keskeny und Partner GmbH after the turn of the millennium 2001. Today, the company employs 450 people and is the largest purely family-owned company in Hungary. It is led by CEO Arpad Keskeny, who was also instrumental in the decision to enter the packaging market with Keskeny. It started in 2004 with folding cartons and corrugated cardboard boxes for a wide range of applications, such as sweets, cosmetics, toys, convenience food, clothing and beverages. The success of this segment contributed decisively to the company's continued growth in the following years. This eventually encouraged Arpad Keskeny to expand his company's portfolio again, this time to include gift and luxury packaging made of wrapping cardboard.
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