All packaging - colorful luxury cardboard boxes in a Japanese design

KOLBUS is premiering the BOXline system for individual packaging material production <link internal-link internal link in current>at IGAS exhibition in Tokyo (26th to 31st of July)

Live demonstrations will show a BOXline system producing colorful fine cardboard boxes with magnetic closures – as give-aways for interested visitors. In this way, KOLBUS is promoting its ability to produce high quality luxury packaging with the typical, sharply defined edges.

The line is configured with the KOLBUS casemaker, magnet inserter, lining machine and the box placing module, and includes unfolding and gluing one flap.

Heiko Landwehr, a BOXline expert from KOLBUS headquarters in Rahden, Germany, is supported by the KOLBUS Team SK-Sales from Fujimi City (Tokyo, Japan). During the show, they expect to be demonstrating the production of around 3000 boxes.

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