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  1. Questionnaire BOXline

  2. Your opinion is important for us! Please answer the following questions to inform us about your impressions, ideas and improvements for the KOLBUS BOXline.
  3. Please insert the provided newsletter access key into the field below (safety aspect). Thank you.
  4. Where do you see the strengths and where the weaknesses of the new KOLBUS division?

  5. What is your current impression of the BOXline machines for the production of high quality and luxury packaging?

  6. How do you assess the market development for the next years?

  7. What kind of box types, box features and product types do you assess as very important for the future?

  8. Do you think other machine manufacturer from the packaging area (maybe competitors) have machines which KOLBUS should also integrate in the KOLBUS BOXline portfolio?

  9. Do you know manual production steps by packaging customers which shall be automated? Please describe.

  10. Thank you for your efforts!