PK 170

Rotary Board Cutter PK 170

For cutting finished sections out of cardboard sheets or similar materials in two work processes with a linear cutting speed of 120 m/min, strip feed 220 cycles/min.

Rotary Board Cutter PK 170


High-precision, accurately angled cutting of case boards at top speeds using the rotary board cutter for lengthwise and crosswise cuts.


Easy operation with steplessly adjustable feed and cutting speed. The strip magazine for cutting blanks is quick and easy to attach. Slippage-free board feed thanks to pull-in rolls made of an effective rubber/steel combination.

Knife shaft
Stream delivery
Rotary board cutter PK 170 with inclined deposit table

Technical data

Technical data

Working width

Original board format

min. 600 mm

max. 1,400 mm

Cutting width

min. 85 mm

max. 1,380 mm

Finished size (width x length)

min. 85 x 150 mm

max. 1,380 x 480 mm (with infeed device)

Board thickness

1 – 4 mm

Mechanical speed

Linear cutting speed

infinitely variable 30 – 120 m/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

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