Box case processing line SW.G 500

For production of rigid boxes – gluing & fixing – up to 40 products/min

KOLBUS Box case processing line SW.G 500
Box case processing line with boxplacing uint SW.B 400


KOLBUS machines are engineered for the production of rigid boxes and box cases where the card or cardboard substrate is laminated with high quality printed layers that can be delicate and difficult to handle.
The modular system can be optimally adapted and/or extended to meet the changing production requirements.


  • For placing  blanks or boxes on glued box cases
  • Gentle handling of the box cases
  • Increased degree of automation ans net output
  • Flexible production
  • Constant product quality
  • Fast change-over
  • Inline coupling (with SW.R 500) possible
  • Puncher SW.L 400M as a modular solution possible
Board feeder with aligning device
Cross infeed TS.DU for cases into the box-case-line
Rigid box example, type bookcase boxes

Technical data

Technical data

Size range opend box case (width x height x thickness)

min. 205 x 140 x 1 mm

max. 680 x 405 x 4 mm

Mech. speed

up to 40 Takte/min.

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

Your contacts

Your contacts

Sales Director
Henning Meier
Phone: +49 5771 71-427
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