DA 270

Casemaker DA 270

For fully automatic production of book cases, files, display cards, calendar backs or game boards, at rates of up to 65 cycles/min.

Casemaker DA 270, 65 cycles/min


The DA 270 casemaker is a versatile machine for a wide range of applications. The machine with its non-stop case feeder is engineered to be ergonomic and extremely operator-friendly, so that it can be easily operated by one person.


Integrated cloth corner cutter incl. equipment for manufacturing cases with round corners.

Integrated cloth corner cutter 45°
Equipment for manufacturing cases with round corners
Easy matrix change outside of the machine
Inserting a stack of cloths

Technical data

Technical data

Case – size range opened case (width x height)

min. 205 x 140 mm

max. 670 x 390 mm


Width 708 – 223 mm

Height 428 – 130 mm


Thickness 1 – 4 mm

Width 328 – 95 mm

Height 390 – 140 mm

Mechanical speed

up to 65 cycles/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

Your contacts

Your contacts

Sales Director
Henning Meier
Phone: +49 5771 71-427
Fax: +49 5771 71-333