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A KOLBUS machine is still a widely familiar mark of quality – and with KOLBUS products you can always trust it! Especially in the foundry as well as in the mechanical production, quality assurance is based on REFA and Lean principles. We design and manufacture our machines in Germany. Our Rahden plant testifies to our high degree of vertical integration, with the foundry, machining shop, component production and assembly facilities on site. None of these activities is outsourced; we produce almost everything on site in Rahden. Building on our centuries of experience, we are also committed to continuous improvement and development.

What's behind our quality guarantee?

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It's a promise not merely to maintain consistent high quality, but also to keep raising our standards. The key is the people who work at KOLBUS. All of them are fully committed to what they do, to the company and to our customers.

We actively encourage KOLBUS employees to act on their own initiative and take responsibility for their work.

At the micro level, each individual employee naturally checks his own work. At the macro level, our strategy is to view statistics and assessments as spin-off products that are generated automatically by our production and quality control systems.

Mounting at KOLBUS

Right across the company

– from quality management to procurement and IT – we stand for open and effective communication. This means direct contact with colleagues, short communication routes, and doors that are always open. Our aim goes beyond zero defect manufacturing; on the contrary, we allow for tolerances. This is because the people who work for and with us are our highest priority and people are not machines – certainly not at KOLBUS.

If a problem should occur, our customers are never left to solve it on their own. We will not rest until we've identified the cause and resolved the problem. And learned from the experience. Because we believe that standing still equates with moving backwards.