Basic internship

Engineering internship for all technical degree courses.

With its strong vertical integration, KOLBUS. is the ideal place to get an excellent insight into the world of engineering. You'll follow the design and development of a machine through all its phases and get to know how a major engineering company operates. It's the ideal foundation for your career and your personal interests. We can plan your internship to meet the requirements of your university.

Possible topics covered

  • Basics of metal working
  • Basic metal processing (fitting and turning/milling)
  • Basics of welding (thermal welding and cutting)
  • Bending and shaping metals
  • Casting (foundry)
  • Assembling components and machines
  • Quality control
  • Component quality checks
  • Final inspection and signing off a machine
  • System maintenance
  • Basic electronics
  • Electrical and electronic systems


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