KOLBUS backs the drupa

The stand concept planned for 2020 will be significantly smaller in 2021 and will be newly planned.

"The development effort that has gone into our machines is aimed at opening up new markets for KOLBUS. Our experts are developing new processes that will improve quality and productivity especially in the production of rigid boxes – robust packaging made of cardboard and paper.

The drupa is a significant source of inspiration for business ideas and opportunities. It is important for KOLBUS to make new contacts, often spontaneous ones, which is only possible at a trade fair like the drupa with its global reach. Last but not least, we believe in the power of curiosity and people’s inclination to “delve deeper into things”; our sophisticated machine technology often amazes casual visitors and triggers their interest. We are more than happy to answer any questions about the live demonstrations personally," explains Wilfried Kröger, Managing Director of KOLBUS GmbH & Co. KG. “In this industry, purchase decisions depend on multiple factors and our visitors and customers want to compare and discuss, or they come to us with their own ideas. It’s not easy to replace the trade fair experience with its emphasis on face-to-face encounters, even now when it’s high season for digital marketplaces”.

Naturally, KOLBUS has expanded our communication with digital formats and in these times of crisis makes every effort to reach customers hampered by travel restrictions. The necessary hygiene regulations at the trade fair should not pose a problem either for the exhibitors or for visitors. “We are aware that we have to prepare for it and will adapt our trade fair concept accordingly. The trade fair organizers in Düsseldorf have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept and we will take all the necessary precautions,” comments Bettina Bürger, KOLBUS Marketing Service. “For KOLBUS, the drupa is and always will be a major media platform and international industry get-together with a home advantage for us. Not least it allows us to advertise the high quality standard of products Made in Germany."